ECEMA offers training courses from Post-Bac to Bac+5, in the fields of management applied to commerce, marketing and management.

The entire curriculum is available on a part-time basis. Not only to enable work-study students to earn a living and study under good conditions, but above all out of conviction. The conviction that the training of tomorrow’s managers must be carried out as close as possible to the reality of business life. All courses are also available as part of initial training.

We ensure that our trainers and our partner companies are fully committed to the development of skills and the professionalisation of part-time workers. Our vocation is to help them forge effective working and organisational methods in order to understand the company and know how to act for its development.

With this in mind, all the training courses provided by ECEMA award titles registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications at levels 6 and 7. These certifications are awarded in particular to institutions that can demonstrate optimal professional integration and a teaching programme that is consistent with the expectations of the labour market. From September 2020, the titles will be validated by blocks of competences (between 3 and 5 blocks depending on the title).