Prepared Courses

Head of Development
and commercial management


3 days/2 days (training)
3 weeks/1 week (training)
or full time


Lyon and Saint-Etienne


A-level +2


565 hours over 1 year


Following a BTS /DUT, Licence 2 or Bachelor 2 from ECEMA, part-time students can join the Bachelor 3 programme. This Bachelor’s degree enables you to acquire operational skills in order to prepare you for the professions present on the market. Today, mastery of all aspects of marketing is essential in order to understand a company’s global approach. This is why the programmes offered by ECEMA provide you with comprehensive training in consumer behaviour, product and brand policies, communication, distribution and marketing studies.
The Sales Development and Steering Manager presents himself either as a local and intermediate manager who acts as a pivot between the operational teams and the general or sales management, or as a sales operative responsible for a sector, unit, range or type of clientele who organises his activity in complete autonomy to achieve his objectives. It is defined as the person who plays a role in: – commercial development through the development of the customer portfolio and turnover (either by making his own sales or by supervising his team), – steering commercial activity: he analyses figures and translates management’s strategic orientations into operational commercial decisions within his area of responsibility.


  • Customer Marketing Officer
  • Sales manager
  • Head of services and customer relations
  • Business Manager


Since the creation of ECEMA in 2003, this training has been available on a part-time or full time basis, like all the others. At the end of this Bacheor 3 programme, you will be awarded the title of “Sales Development and Management Manager”.  This training leads to the title of Level 6 Sales Development and Management Manager, a certification registered in the RNCP by order of March 30, 2020 delivered by Ascencia Business School and the Association for the College of Paris.

ECEMA is a member institution of the Collège de Paris. Thanks to this network, ECEMA benefits from numerous partnerships in France and abroad. In addition, thanks to its growing reputation, ECEMA has more than 500 partner companies where part-time workers work.


Pass rate for level 6 exams after catching up: 94,44% *Average for all the campuses of the class of 2020.


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Graduates who choose to enter the job market are 100% employed within 6 months of graduation (Class of 2020 figures).


The average annual salary at the end of a Bachelor’s degree in Management is 24,6 K€.


The “Marketing and Communication Project Manager” part-time course is designed as a real springboard to employment. It offers a complete overview of the skills and tools (particularly in the digital field) needed to build and manage high value-added projects. All training courses are given by professionals. The latter carry out their activities in addition to working at ECEMA. This allows the part-time students to be as close as possible to the reality in the field and to benefit from concrete examples and exercises.

Analysing your market and participating in the commercial strategy

  • TS: Introduction to the competence block
  • Market research and analysis
  • Economic and business philosophy
  • Strategic marketing
  • Commercial relations law
  • TS: Specialisation pathway:Phase in the development of a case
  • TS: English – Market analysis
  • TS: Competence report
  • TS: Professional insertion tools

Developing a customer portfolio

  • TS: Introduction to the competence block
  • Specifications of a PAC-M
  • Community management
  • Analysis of customer – commercial data
  • Co management tools: CRM, sales database, Excel, SI
  • Development of the customer portfolio
  • TS: Specialisation course
  • TS: English – Customer portfolio
  • TS: Competence report
  • TS: Professional insertion tools

Managing commercial performance

  • TS: Introduction to the competence block
  • Operational marketing
  • Digital marketing – social media
  • Steering performance and commercial actions
  • Management control of sales and marketing activities
  • Budgeting of PAC-M (MANGANI)
  • TS: Specialisation path: Scoreboard(3) + from business to project (2)
  • TS: English – Business development
  • TS: Competence report
  • TS: Professional insertion tools

Managing the sales team

  • TS: Introduction to the competence block
  • Management of a sales team
  • HR development
  • Social and labour law
  • Quality management
  • TS: Specialisation course Business engineer – Complex sales
  • TS: English – Team management
  • TS: Competence report
  • TS: Vocational integration tools


The aim of the training is to develop your professional skills in sales techniques and in marketing and sales development, in order to enable you to carry out the function of sales representative. The aim is to acquire marketing methods, write commercial offers, prepare commercial contracts, negotiate in a multicultural environment, follow up international business and develop a good command of business English.


Information and Admission Sessions take place throughout the year. You must register for a date to take the admission tests. An overall presentation of ECEMA is given by the director of the establishment or by the Enterprise Department. This is followed by a one-hour test: 30 minutes of general knowledge quizzes including questions in English and 30 minutes of specialist quizzes. Finally, the individual motivation interviews take place on the same day. Admission results are announced within 48 hours. Foreign candidates must go directly to the following address to pass the admission session: [email protected].


Like all ECEMA courses, the Bachelor 3 Sales-Negotiation is accessible on a part-time basis. The Companies division follows each part-time student, from the time he or she looks for a part-time job until the end of his or her contract. The latter benefit from advice and coaching: throughout the year, professional monitoring is carried out by the training advisors in order to follow the development and progress of each individual’s part-time training and education.


International mobility is one of the values that ECEMA wishes to develop from year to year. As a member of the Collège de Paris, ECEMA benefits from an immense international network of partners. Part-time students have the opportunity during their training to study abroad.

Every year, the part-time students also have the opportunity to go on Learning Expeditions, complete organised stays, guaranteeing total immersion in the professional world of each destination. Each country has its own specificities: management, cultural approach, structure, field of expertise etc. Visits to companies and universities, discovery of incubators, meetings with professionals or cultural visits during each stay, everything is done to create a unique experience.