Prepared Courses

Operational Manager
in Business Management


3 days/2 days (training)
2 weeks/1 week (training)
3 weeks/1 week (training)


Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Clermont


A-level +2


565 hours over 1 year


Following a BTS /DUT, Licence 2 or Bachelor 2 from ECEMA, part-time students can join the Bachelor 3 programme. This Bachelor’s degree enables you to acquire operational skills in order to prepare you for the professions present on the market.
Entrepreneurship, strategy or piloting, through our training courses, we highlight your professional skills, build your sense of responsibility and develop your decision-making spirit when faced with concrete business cases.
The objective of this training is to be able to contribute, in the long term, to the increase of the company’s activity through its actions of management, management of the teams of one or sometimes several operational units. Guaranteeing the smooth running of the unit, in terms of logistics as well as budgetary and administrative aspects.
This option of the ECEMA Bachelor’s degree will teach you to manage employees and support them in the development of their skills, to guarantee and implement the means necessary for their success, to ensure compliance with regulations and working conditions and to implement the strategic decisions of the company or department in an operational manner.


  • Head of operational unit
  • Head of a profit centre
  • Branch Manager


Since the creation of ECEMA in 2003, this training has been available on a part-time basis, like all the others. At the end of this Bachelor 3 programme, you will be awarded the title of “Operational Manager in Business Management”. Order of 23 February 2017 published in the Official Journal of 03 March 2017 registering in the national directory of professional certifications. Registration for three years, at level 6, under the title “Operational Manager in Business Management” with effect from 17 October 2012, until 03 March 2020.
ECEMA is a member institution of the Collège de Paris. Thanks to this network, ECEMA benefits from numerous partnerships in France and abroad. In addition, thanks to its growing reputation, ECEMA has more than 500 partner companies where part-time workers work.


Pass rate for level 6 exams after rattrapage: 95.00% *Average for all the campuses of the class of 2019.


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The average annual salary at the end of a Bachelor’s degree in Management is 24 K€.


The “Marketing and Communication Project Manager” part-time course is designed as a real springboard to employment. It offers a complete overview of the skills and tools (particularly in the digital field) needed to build and manage high value-added projects. All training courses are given by professionals. The latter carry out their activities in addition to working at ECEMA. This allows the part-time students to be as close as possible to the reality in the field and to benefit from concrete examples and exercises.

Team management

  • TS: Introduction to the competence block
  • Team management
  • Skills and career management
  • Social and labour law
  • Corporate culture
  • TS : Specialisation course: company accounting
  • TS: English – Team management
  • TS: Competence report
  • TS: Professional insertion tools

Acting as an interface between teams and management

  • TS: Introduction to the competence block
  • Middle management
  • Internal communication
  • Managerial communication
  • Transversal management
  • TS: Specialisation course: corporate taxation
  • TS: English – Proximity management
  • TS: Competence report
  • TS: Professional insertion tools

Organising and steering the management of a unit or service

  • TS: Introduction to the competence block
  • Performance management
  • Process management
  • Budgetary management of the unit, of a service
  • Tools for the financial management of the company
  • Applied management tools: ERP, PGI, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Human Resources Management
  • TS: Specialisation course: auditing and accounting
  • TS: English – Activity management
  • TS: Competence report
  • TS: Professional insertion tools

Control, monitoring and prevention of the unit’s / department’s resources

  • TS: Introduction to the competence block
  • QHSE
  • Prevention of RPS
  • Risk management
  • Organisation and management of the unit
  • TS: Specialisation pathway: summary documents
  • TS: English – Means prevention
  • TS: Competence report
  • TS: Vocational integration tools


The operational manager in business management contributes to the growth of the company’s activity through his or her management actions, managing the teams of one or sometimes several operational units. He is responsible for the smooth running of the unit, in terms of logistics as well as budgetary and administrative aspects. As such, he is the intermediary between the employees and the managers of the company.


Information and Admission Sessions take place throughout the year. You must register for a date to take the admission tests. An overall presentation of ECEMA is given by the director of the establishment or by the Enterprise Department. This is followed by a one-hour test: 30 minutes of general knowledge quizzes including questions in English and 30 minutes of specialist quizzes. Finally, the individual motivation interviews take place on the same day. Admission results are announced within 48 hours. Foreign candidates must go directly to the following address to pass the admission session:


The Bachelor 3 Management-Management degree is accessible on a part-time basis like all ECEMA courses. The Companies division follows each part-time student, from the time he or she looks for a part-time job until the end of his or her contract. The latter benefit from advice and coaching: throughout the year, professional monitoring is carried out by the training advisors in order to follow the development and progress of each individual’s part-time training and education.


International mobility is one of the values that ECEMA wishes to develop from year to year. As a member of the Collège de Paris, ECEMA benefits from an immense international network of partners. Part-time students have the opportunity during their training to study abroad.

Every year, the part-time students also have the opportunity to go on Learning Expeditions, complete organised stays, guaranteeing total immersion in the professional world of each destination. Each country has its own specificities: management, cultural approach, structure, field of expertise etc. Visits to companies and universities, discovery of incubators, meetings with professionals or cultural visits during each stay, everything is done to create a unique experience.